The Party's Not Over Until GOD Says So!

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Utilizing her persuasive skills developed over thirty years as a criminal trial lawyer, combining it with a keen sense of humor and faith in God, V. Lynn Whitfield has given us a book which is witty, inspiring and chucked full of the tools needed to drive through the storms of one’s life and come out victorious and transformed. She gives you the steps necessary:

  • To be an overcomer no matter what
  • To look up even when you can’t get up
  • To learn to trust God even when everyone around you is giving you a negative report
  • To learn to be thankful when there’s no apparent reason to be thankful
  • To learn to plan for the future while in the midst of your storm
  • The story of her journey driving through the numerous storms of her life is insightful, honest and provides encouragement that you too can be an Overcomer.
  • You’ve been wondering what to do she gives you the answer