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Sabrina Lawton

Sabrina Lawton is an extraordinary healer. She stands firmly on the principle that in order for you to evolve, grow and change; self-love must be the driving force behind your actions. As a Transcendental Speaker and Founder of Evolve To Love Spiritual Advising services, Sabrina has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to transcend the tapes playing in their heads by walking them through their “old” story and helping them to create a new story rooted in hope, faith and love. By connecting her clients with the God of their understanding, her success rates have dramatically changed the face therapy and self-improvement. Her work is about relationship over religion.

Sabrina has been featured on TBN Television and has been a guest on various radio talk shows. Her background includes a sixteen-year leadership career working for various high profile Human Capital Corporations such as SAFECO, WAMU and ADP. Sabrina’s God given gifting is to help you see your internal life through spiritual lenses. Your external body temple will soon become a reflection of your renewed inner state of being.


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