Botanical Quench Daily Moisturizer

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A pillar to healthy skin is an intact and nutrient-rich moisture barrier. Botanical Quench is unlike most facial lotions that seem to evaporate after a few minutes of application. Watch Quench soak into the skin, and wake up with a glowing, renewed complexion when applied before. Enjoy vitamin packed hydration therapy with every application as well as skin tightening and complexion evening effects. 


Use Botanical Quench liberally. Can be used stand alone or coupled with the AloeVeraRose Toner or Skin 2.0: Regenerating Serum following a mincroneedling session with the TempleCare Dermaroller


Ingredients: Vitamin b3, vitamin b5, ginseng, zinc oxide, neem powder, vitamin c ester, acai berry, gink biloba, aloe vera blend, emulsifying wax, hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, raspberry oil, pomegranta oil, watermelon extract, ceramides, oat amino acids, evening primrose, cucumber oil, castor oil, black seed oil, calendula, vitamin e oil, willow bark, honey, vitamin a liposomes (retinol), honeysuckle, vanilla essential oil, lavender oil, rose oil, shea butter, kokum butter, mango butter, hyaluronic acid, carrageena, horsetail herb, chamomile, silica, purified water, coconut water, rose water, (less than 2% preservatives [required for water containing products]: caprylic acid, caprylyl glycol EHG, citrus combo, caprylhydroxamic acid GG


Shelf Life: at least 2 months–can be extended with refrigeration (shelf life may be much longer but is presently being confirmed [with time])