Servant Leadership

Body by God challenges His people to engage more vigilantly in service by following the example of our Messiah, the ultimate servant leader, and answering His Commission to serving our brother in need (Acts 20:35). Following the 'I'm Third' Model: God first, others second, I'm third," we serve our fellow man before ourselves.

Body by God commits to serving in 3 ways:


1. Principle Profit Redirection

15% of profit generated from every sale goes directly to our Community Partners. These resources help to fund their respective initiatives in a more expedited fashion than would a grant, and without the burden of repayment as would a loan. This also provides a form of cash flow to fund their directives over a period of time, whereas securing grants and loans can be one-time allotments. 


2. Fundraising partnerships

Body by God partners with a variety of organizations, big and small, to provide an additional source of funding for their programs and initiatives. These organizations include:

  • Local youth groups

  • Christian universities

  • Christian academies

  • Faith-based sports teams

  • Christian fraternities and sororities

  • Christian praise & worship teams

  • Congregations

  • Christian summer camps

How it works? Organization participants sell Body by God gear at a discounted price to 'donors' just as they would cookie dough or multi-vendor coupon-cards. 30% of their group's sales profit is reimbursed at the end of the fundraising period, and 20% is given to our Community Partners. To learn more about Body by God Fundraising Partnerships, click here.


3. Body by God: Lifestyle–Education

"My people perish for lack of knowledge," This is especially true as it pertains to nutrient deprived, food-like foods we are encouraged to consume, poison laden water and toxic air we take in everyday. What is a man without his health? The answer is, not much. Body by God wants to arm His people with practical, free knowledge delineating how to preserve and protect our bodies by God for a lifetime. Click here to learn more about Body by God: Lifestyle.