Fundraising Partnerships

What are Body by God Fundraising Partnerships?

Body by God partners with a variety of organizations, big and small, to provide an additional source of funding for their programs and initiatives. These organizations include:

  • Local youth groups

  • Christian universities

  • Christian academies

  • Faith-based sports teams and groups

  • Christian fraternities and sororities

  • Christian praise & worship teams

  • Congregations

  • Christian summer camps

Not in need of resources? Raise money for a local charity or non-profit of your choice! 30% of all profits your group raises will be paid directly to the organization at the end of the fundraising period.

How does it work?

Just as students sell cookie dough or multi-vendor coupon-cards for school teams, organization participants sell Body by God gear at a 10% discount to 'donors'.


Each organization is assigned a unique discount code that their 'donors' apply at checkout. This flags each purchase as belonging to their respective group. 30% of their organization's sales profit is reimbursed at the end of the fundraising period. ​

Are there rewards for top fundraisers?

Top fundraisers enjoy a variety of prizes ranging from complimentary Body by God apparel and accessories, an opportunity to contribute to brand design, Body by God social media features, and/or the opportunity to serve as a brand model and/or brand ambassador.


Why choose a BBG Fundraising Partnership over other fundraisers?

1. Hassle-free

  • By use of the unique discount code assigned each fundraising partner, all transactions take place online. This means participants are not required to keep track of fundraising forms, paper catalogs (unless they choose to), or donations, eliminating the risk of misplacing collected funds.  

  • Body by God handles all inventory. This means no big boxes of fundraising deliverables to sift through and distribute at your organization's headquarters, all the while, we assume all accountability for order fulfillment.

2. Fundraising with a purpose

  • In addition to raising funds for your organizations initiatives, your participants are selling a good that actually has profound meaning and purpose (as opposed to the obligatory purchase of a trinket or overpriced chocolate bar). Each sale means the dissemination of Body by God's mission, His mission, that we may walk in His likeness and bear our cross daily, that we may zealously chase after His own heart, daily, and that we readily serve and love our neighbor with an eager spirit.


How do I become a Fundraising Partner?


If you are interested in becoming a fundraising partner, submit your request at "Fundraising Partner".