About Us

Who is Body by God?​

In a nutshell?

We believe the life of a Believer should be the billboard of maximized human potential.

We believe winning is the duty of every human–we were built with too much good stuff to forsake our creative and conquering power. Body by God challenges and equips God's people to own their divinity, to own their Power–the Spirit of Excellence manifest in all facets of their life.

People truly want to improve their situations, to be physically, financially, and spiritually fit, but more often than not, they simply lack the knowledge. This is exacerbated by the age in which live, where "quick fixes" to systemic problems are pervasive, and a victim complex is increasingly championed. Well, we are here with a chip on our shoulder and some tough love, demanding the best from our brother and sister. We are in the business of changing lives and positively altering the trajectory of generations.